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The Advantages of Real Estate Staging

You have enjoyed living in your house for many years now. You have made it into a comfortable home that reflects your personality, painted the walls the colors you love, bought the furniture you like and decorated it with your favorite pictures and accents. But when it comes to selling your house you need to stage it for sale. 


Why do you need to stage your house for sale?


Potential buyers see the house with a different perspective than your friends and family. It is not about things being neat and tidy. 


In a short amount of time the potential buyers have to get an idea of the house, imagine their family living in it, see how the floor-plan works for their lifestyle. In our day and age people want to see the potential of the place to its best. 


The professional staging also gives you an opportunity to show off the best features and play down the shortcomings.


Let’s say you have a great view out of the window, but your family likes to watch TV in the same room, so all the furniture is oriented at the TV set and not the window. It makes a convenient arrangement for your family, but does not show off the best feature of your house. Things like this have to be changed to maximise your house potential.


Many people also want to avoid mess and expense of renovation, and do not mind paying a bit more for the house that looks just like they wanted. With the modern busy lifestyle not everyone has the time to turn the house into the house of their dream. They just have to see it the way they want.


When styling house for sale you do not have to do full scale renovation. It is better to consult an experienced real estate agent to make sure you have invested your money strategically.


What are the renovations that add value to your house ?


Depending on your house potential you may consider:


  1. Paint the walls, and entrance door

  2. Consider replacing carpet with engineered wood

  3. Upgrade countertops to quartz

  4. Repaint or change kitchen cabinets

  5. Paint or replace to metal wood spindles on the staircase

  6. Update kitchen with fresh backsplash

  7. Reglaze bathtubs.

  8. Update the light fixtures

You have to carefully evaluate renovation investments versus the impact they are going to make on the listing price, not to get overboard.


Staging the house for sale


Now that the house is sale ready - for even better sale price stage it for sale. It is better done by professionals, as they see the potential of your house with the expert eye.


It also gives you a great chance to declutter and prepare and sort your furniture and things for the new move. You might need to rent a storage, or organize all extra pieces in the storage bins in the basement or a garage.


The staged house has to offer the concepts for the house rooms, give the idea to the potential buyers on how the spaces are going to be used. It has to reflect the new trends in house decor, open up the space and optimize the traffic.


The well directed efforts in house update and staging can bring quite a bit of extra cash during sale, and will make the process go much faster, attracting more motivated buyers. 

Planning to sell your house that needs updating? Contact  us to find out how we can help you to get maximum value for your next move.  




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